India Demands Google, Facebook to Prescreen User Content?

The Government of India has asked Internet companies like Facebook, Gooogle and Yahoo to screen contents from India and remove inflammatory or defamatory user content before it goes online, NY Times reports. Indian government expects the companies to set up a proactive prescreening system, with staffers looking for objectionable content and deleting it before it is posted.

It is reported that, top officials from the Indian offices of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook are meeting with Kapil Sibal, the telecommunications minister, to discuss the issue. The company representatives are to let Mr. Sibil know that his demand is impossible, given the volume of user-generated content coming from India, and that they cannot be responsible for determining what is and isn’t defamatory or disparaging.

Facebook has more than 25 million users in India and Google has more than 100 million. Does it make any for the government to ask for human screening of all messages in social networks? If Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other major Internet players has to setup staff for manual screening of the content, the companies will soon have to shut down their operations in India!

Do you are with Indian government on this demand?

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