Update new Facebook Messages / Email Privacy Settings

Who can send me messages?

By default, anyone on Facebook can send you a message, and if you set up a Facebook email address, anyone outside of Facebook can send you email. Email from friends and their friends goes directly to your main Messages folder, and everything else goes to the Other folder within your Messages.

If an email appears to be from someone you know but we are unable to confirm the sender’s address, you will still receive the message, but it will include a warning.

If you’d like to modify who can send you Facebook messages and email:

  1. Go to the Account drop-down menu at the top of any Facebook page and select “Privacy Settings.”
  2. Select “View settings” in the “Basic Directory Information” section.
  3. Change the setting for “Send me messages.” Your options include: Everyone, Friends and Friends of Friends.

Only emails from people that fall within the message privacy setting you choose will be delivered to your Facebook Messages. For example, if you select the “Friends Only” setting, you will not receive messages from email addresses that we can’t confirm as belonging to one of your friends. Instead, those senders will receive automatic bounce-back replies.

Note: Changes to the “Who can message me” privacy setting may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

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