Lucky 07-07-07 and Taj Mahal

Today is 07-07-07, 7th July, 2007. Many people (including James Bond!) considers 7 as the luckiest number. The New York Times has a story A Date With Destiny as well as Live Science, 07/07/07: Is This Your Lucky Day?

The New 7 Wonders of the World will be announced today (07-07-07) in the Official Declaration ceremony in Lisbon. Hope Taj Mahal is lucky enough to be one of them. The media shows a lot of enthusiasm, to gain more viewers and advertisement money. I wonder why UNESCO is not involved in the selection of the 7? Is UNESCO also dead just like the UN waiting for mercy killing? worried

Taj Mahal, India

BTW, my lucky number is 9. Sree 009! I am the 9th kid of my parents, day and date of birth, day and date of joining Infosys, date of marriage, number of my full name etc… But nowadays before planning an important date or name, I also tend to check whether it addds up to 9! Experience makes you a believer, I guess. smiling

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