Indian Music Search Sites – Phulki and Guruji

We have been missing Indic music search engines which aggregate the music files across various music websites. At last here are two website which aggregate Hindi music.

Phulki is a music search engine that allows visitors to search and play any Hindi track or Hindi Album without leaving the website.

Phulki searches for Hindi songs by movie, song, singer, star, year etc.. The search result contains the name of the album/movie, year, music director, singers and stars. The music sources are,,,,,, etc..

On search results page just click on the add to player and start enjoying your favorite music. You can create an account at phulki and save your play list for future.

Guruji, India’s first homegrown search engine, providing web search for Indian content, city search and movie timings, has recently added a music aggregation section to the site.

Users can search for songs on various parameters like song title, movie name, singer, actor etc. and play the audio directly on the search result listing. You can also add to favorites.



  1. Here is another music search engine (Bollywood mp3 search engine), which crawls thrid party music web sites and display the search results. You can search and play the songs.

  2. Recently discovered, where you can search and listen Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese and more langauges.

    Try it out and have a great fun.

  3. Phulki recently launched its Orkut application. You can share songs, playlists, grab friends’ playlists, copy featured playlists and, of course, search and listen to any song right within Orkut.

    Give it a try. And keep the comments flowing.


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