Loop Mobile “Reply All SMS” Service by SMS GupShup

Loop Mobile and SMS GupShup have jointly announced the launch of the ‘Reply All SMS‘ service, which will enable Loop mobile subscribers to simultaneously communicate with multiple people using SMS.

Loop subscribers can create a group of seven friends including the initiator across networks. The group is then assigned a dedicated shotcode by SMS GupShup, which the members can then use to communicate. Once a member sends or replies to any member, the message or reply reaches all members of the group.

The service is currently being offered free of cost to all Loop Mobile users till the 30th June 2010. Later Every message to the shortcode will be charged 50 paise.

The service replicates the CC and Reply-All options available on e-mail to mobile phones, works across operator networks and on all handsets.

Loop Mobile’s Reply All service makes it available for the first time on mobile. The service works on all handsets and across operators. No data connectivity nor software download is required.

To create a group, the Loop Mobile subscriber needs to send a message with CHAT plus mobile numbers of friends to 555999. Example: CHAT 98210xxxxx 99950xxxxx 93499xxxxx. The system then creates the group and sends a message to all group members.

Surya Mahadevan, COO, Loop Mobile, said, “We are seeing a shift in communication today where SMS, emails and internet chat is between many-to-many and not just one-to -one. We’re excited to partner with a mobile technology leader like SMS GupShup to launch this social networking service, a simple but revolutionary way to chat with friends and family.”

Beerud Sheth, CEO, SMS GupShup, said, “Reply All SMS is the next big innovation in mobile messaging since the launch of person-to-person (P2P) SMS.”

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