Next Generation Messaging SMS 2.0 on Airtel, Powered by Affle

A few months ago, we wrote about Airtel SMS 2.0, which was the worldโ€™s first upgrade to SMS 2.0. Here is more about the technology, it’s advantage and how to get it in your Airtel Nokia phones.ย  Affle, which has operations in UK, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and India, is providing the SMS 2.0 technology for Airtel.

SMS 2.0SMS2.0 is the next generation messaging providing a great platform to build a scalable mobile media. The SMS2.0 application gives the consumer access to an enhanced experience at no additional cost and with no change in the behavior of the mobile handset. SMS 2.0 provides personalized messaging experience, color messages with fun emoticons and scheduling of SMS to send at a later time. It also provides enhanced messaging features like the best of MMS, IM and E-mail features, SMS to e-mail service, graphic and multimedia attachments, customized content and peer 2 peer content.


SMS2.0 is an upgrade to SMS providing personalization experience of SMS. The SMS 2.0 upgrade gives users access to information of interest – movies, cricket, etc, for free, on their mobile phone, and is delivered in a non-intrusive fashion. Users of SMS 2.0 can jazz up their SMS by using background and text colors, expressive emoticons, customizable signatures, send SMSs to e-mail, do Internet searches, and get updates on discounts and promotions.

AffleThe SMS 2.0 application runs on the Symbian operating system, and is currently available only on Nokia handsets. Those who have GPRS enables handsets can access the service by sending a message SMS2 to 543210. In order to enable SMS 2.0, you have to make sure that Airtel Live is activated on your phone. This application is completely free of cost. Mobile advertising and marketing is expected to taking off in a big way in India, enabling marketers and mobile operators to monetize services and develop new sources of revenue. Affle is also planning to release Mobile Social Networking and Local Search shortly.


The following Nokia phones are supported at the time of writing this article. – 3230, 6260, 6600, 6681, 7610, N70 Music, 6630, N72, N70, 6670, 6682, 6620, N72 Music, 6680, E50, N73, N73 Music, E65, N91 and N91 8GB

How to Install?

Ensure that the software installation option in the settings of your mobile phoneโ€™s Application Manager is turned on. In general this step is not necessary, however if the application fails to install, the user should check to ensure that the Application Manager allows the installation of downloaded applications.

Follow the steps below to install SMS2.0 in the Nokia phone of Airtel subscribers.

  • Type SMS2 and send it to 543210 (For Airtel users). You would receive a message with a web link to download the SMS2.0 application.
  • Open the link and launch the web browser on your phone. A page is displayed with the text “You are just a click away from upgrading to SMS2.0. Begin Download!”. Click the Begin Download link.
  • A pop up with the text “Install SMS2.0 Installer?” is shown. Select Yes. Next select Install.
  • You may then be displayed a message “Unable to verify supplier. Continue anyway?”. Select Yes.
  • Next, a pop with the text “Install SMS2.0?” is shown. Select Yes. Next select Install.
  • You may then again be displayed a message “Unable to verify supplier. Continue anyway?”. Select Yes to complete the installation.


  1. i have already this software. I think it is average but some problems are there is occured when i send sms. Some of my friends say that most of their message is not delivered to my no.

  2. I have problem in sending sms via SMS 2.0 . When I try to send sms via SMS 2.0 the application exit automatically and no sms is received by recepient. I am using Airtel SMS 2.0 on my Nokia N70 mobile. There is no problem with the registration and I had already registered my SMS 2.0 on my mobile.
    I am new to SMS 2.0, anybody tell me should there be some changes that I have to do in message setting like changing sms centre number. Currently my Message centre no. is +919892051914 and I have changed preferred connection to Packet data and also tried GSM/UMTS both settings I have selected and tried but still can’t send sms.
    I am using Mobile Office as a default access point for internet.
    Reply me does anybody tried mobile office setting for SMS 2.0 and it work or not.

  3. hi,
    ‘m using nokia 7610 & having error ” phone startup failed, contact retailer” on daily basis. kindly suggest me
    Rahul Patil

  4. hey i have bought a new x6 but dis software is not compatible wid my phone,….can any1 please suggest anything else for sms…..thnx

  5. nice sowtware but use full memory on w810i but works propery and can be un installed properly man who says you can’t unstall it………………

  6. kindly give link to download
    application for nokia picture msg sender like photosms r symot picture kindly issue in .jar format.ineed to send picturemsg in text msg
    dont need sis formats


  8. i just want to know that i have a cell phone of fly SL500i.

    is SMS 2.0 software is support to my cell phone if i have a airtel card?

    kindly send me the reply.

  9. hi,
    i have motorola zn200 mobile & i want to get sms 2.0 in this mobile & i have already airtel connection. i want suggest by u that it should be use in motorola zn200 or not.

    thank u

  10. The below method worked perfectly!

    karansheth on July 25th, 2008 at 7:53 pm IST :

    Install it like this: (done on an N81)
    1. Restart your phone to make sure no apps are running.
    2. Go directly to the App Manager. Uninstall both SMS 2.0 and SMS 2.0 Installer.
    3. Restart the phone.

  11. hi unable to install this application on my mobile N72, part 1 was installed successfuly and for part 2 it says file was corrupted…please help.

  12. i have nokia e65, its working perfectly but since day before yesterday i m unale to send my messages plz help, i can receive my messages , there is no problem of network , my sim is working and i send message when i used my sim in other phone

  13. Hello there, I have nokia n70m, but i m unable to send smileys to anyone thru sms. How to activate it. I hv asked customer care executive but he said he can’t help. Can any one help??

  14. HI…..This is a good software for those who need emoticons, coloured text msgs, free ads & informations.

    >>Pals….but it is slow,and have limited characters approx ~156 letters ,if the msg goes beyond it it considerd & sent as msg 2.

    Those who need it >> just download this.
    Those who dont need it >> just go to application manager & delete(uninstall) it,,,, after this you have to restart your mobile else you cannot access or read the text msgs……….

  15. i’ve been facing this problem for the past two months, I am unable to send sms from my N93m, I am receiving the sms but not able to send them. is this problem a result of not installing SMS 2.0?… i keep receiving sms from 543210 to install this software.. Please help!!

  16. Hey karansheth, thank you very much. I am going to try to uninstall mine today. My 3230 has really become slow after installing 2.0 and often it shows G below the signal which means it connects to Airtel Live without my knowledge. I will let you guys know if I am successful.

  17. Install it like this: (done on an N81)
    1. Restart your phone to make sure no apps are running.
    2. Go directly to the App Manager. Uninstall both SMS 2.0 and SMS 2.0 Installer.
    3. Restart the phone.

    This should remove it and restore the old message editor. I had uninstalled it once before and it had screwed it completely. So I had to install it again. I did it the way I mentioned above and it uninstalled perfectly and my old editor it back.

    SMS 2.0 made my phone laggy and used to restart often after sending messages, got fed up.

  18. After installing sms 2.0 my ph.Memory get full.Then i hav unstall it.And it shows one part of it cant b removed.
    Now problem is dat my old default sms viewer/editor is not funtioning…Wat is d cheapest solution(except reinstalling ph.Inbuilt software by service centre). reply me.

  19. Bydaway, i hav also tried to download it again, but the URL msg isnt arriving… if anyone has any idea how to deal with this.

  20. I have been trying to uninstall sms2 for so long, but the part 2 of the app. just wont delete. Keeps on giving a message saying that the application is open. I have made sure that all applications leading to it are closed. Can anyone suggest what am i missing? Cant send any msgs.

    PLZ HELP! ๐Ÿ™

  21. well i was able to uninstall it finally…

    earlier the application was running and hence wasnt removed properly first time. then i tried 2nd time and it was uninstalled, along with my message editor.

    now this time after installing it again, i closed the application and then hit remove. m back to my old editor…

    might be useful for someone out there with this kinda problem.

  22. Tell me how to uninstall the damn thing. after uninstalling, i lost my text message reader/editor. cant create or read the message. service messages were opening however and even multimedia messages.

    had to install this application again to access my text messages.

    i have Symbian phone Nokia E50.


  23. Dheeraj…for your information only the following phones support SMS2.0
    3230, 6260, 6600, 6681, 7610, N70 Music, 6630, N72, N70, 6670, 6682, 6620, N72 Music, 6680, E50, N73, N73 Music, E65, N91 and N91 8GB. Hence please be patient and look out for updates while the upgrade is available for the rest of the phones and N95 too…

  24. I have been trying to install it on my N95 but its not been successful… I have sent the SMS2 to the 543210 several tymes but the application is not installing… can you please tell me why… all my friends have it… then why cant i get it on my N95… best Nokia phone but no SMS2

  25. Is this really ‘free’? ๐Ÿ™„ This sounds so cool… I am gonna downaload it now… ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow man, cant believe i didnt know so far that somethin like this was around… actually none of my friends have it either… yippeee! ๐Ÿ˜†

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