Maharastra Government Bans Facebook in Mantralaya

TOI reported that, the Maharashtra government has restricted access to Facebook social networking in Mantralaya (secretariate).The IT department has put ban on the use of Facebook after receiving complaints as employees were seen spending hours on it.

As usual, employees are not happy with this move. Many claims that, they use Facebook during lunch break or when there is no work. Wondering how can a government employee have a day with ‘no work’?

Even in IT companies such as Infosys, internet access is very much restricted. Is Facebook and Twitter important for doing the work at the Mantralaya? I don’t think so! Even if it does, not everyone need Facebook or Twitter or Orkut access to conduct their business. Isn’t internet connection intended for office purpose only?


In Kerala Secretariate also, I know many people spending time on Orkut than doing their work. Restriction is very much needed. BSNL offers some discounted package for government employees for BSNL Broadband for their home use. Those who prefer to spend time in social networks, should find money for thr broadband and time off their non-duty hours!

What do you say?

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