Infosys iEngage Digital Consumer Platform on Enterprise SaaS Model

Infosys Technologies Ltd announced the launch of Infosys iEngage Digital Consumer Platform on Enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Infosys iEngage is a Digital Consumer Platform that helps enterprises engage with consumers across the marketing-sales-service lifecycle.

Infosys iEngage empowers businesses to accelerate awareness, deepen relationships, grow revenue and delight customers. Delivered in the enterprise SaaS model, it includes offerings for social media marketing, e-commerce, customer care and employee engagement.

Built on top of industry leading offerings from Jive and ATG, the platform supports the sales, marketing, customer service and employee engagement functions in organizations across the world.

Infosys iEngage enables companies to engage with all stakeholders from a single platform using best-in-class products that are integrated, customized and enhanced to meet specific industry needs. Secure, open, configurable and scalable, Infosys iEngage can integrate with the core applications of an enterprise, enabling the organization to respond to dynamic business challenges and maximize time-to-value. Delivered through a SaaS model, Infosys takes complete ownership of applications, infrastructure, professional services, business process outsourcing and consulting. The subscription-based pricing model enables companies to pay based on usage providing capex and opex advantages.


Built on top of industry-leading Jive Social Business Software (SBS), the social media marketing platform in Infosys iEngage enables enterprises to drive marketing initiatives including brand monitoring, early adopter feedback, ideation communities, new product launches and loyalty programs. It enables companies to listen and respond through social analytics, interact through communities and dialogue, bring together enterprise content through content aggregation and enable pervasive social presence through content distribution.

The ecommerce platform in Infosys iEngage is built on top of industry’s top-ranked cross-channel commerce solution from ATG and comprises industry-specific applications that enable enterprises to drive multi-channel sales, deliver superior shopping experience, provide robust merchandizing support and offer integrated social and mobile engagement.

The Infosys iEngage customer care platform enables enterprises to reduce service costs, improve service quality and deliver integrated customer care. The employee engagement platform in Infosys iEngage, built on top of Jive SBS, enables companies to accelerate knowledge discovery, improve workforce productivity and deliver rapid innovation.

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