List of Official Google Blogs – Subscribe Now

Here is the list of official Google blogs on various topics including product updates, developer blogs, code snippets, information for advertisers and partners and regional blogs.

You may check out Google Blog Directory. Google provides an iGoogle Gadget. You can as well install the customizable iGoogle blog tab, which will always show you the most recent blog updates by categories.

Google-wide Blogs

Google Product Blogs


Google Ads Blogs

Google Developer Blogs

Google Regional Blogs

Oops, even though Google has a development center in India, I don’t see a Google India blog. Is it just me don’t know about it or it does not exist?


  1. i activated google news alerts as a sms on mobile.Every day i got
    sms’s.But i want to deactivate google news alerts as a sms on
    mobile.please tell me any one how to deactivate google news alerts as
    sms on mobile.

    thanks & regards

  2. you know what, theĀ HowToGeek – Spam Filter was actually bouncing many spammers, bcoz after deactivating it I received almost 10 times more spams in akismet! So, I put this plugin back in!

  3. Yeah, that would be a good collection. I am subscribed to the following googler/ex-googler blogs.

    There are many other good Google/SEO blogs which I read. May be one day I should publish the OPML.

    Hey, the blocking was done by the HowToGeek – Spam Filter. I just deactivated it now. Sorry for that.

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