Text Messaging Reduces Your IQ Points By 10

The act of texting automatically removes 10 I.Q. points, according to Paul Saffo, a technology trend forecaster in Silicon Valley, reports NYT.

“The truth of the matter is there are hobbies that are incompatible. You don’t want to do mushroom-hunting and bird-watching at the same time, and it is the same with texting and other activities. We have all seen people walk into parking meters or walk into traffic and seem startled by oncoming cars.”

Recently, the California Public Utilities Commission temporarily banned the use of all mobile devices by anyone at the controls of a moving train. The ban was adopted after federal investigators announced that they were looking at the role that a train engineer’s text-messaging might have played here last week in the  most deadly commuter rail accident in four decades of USA. There is also move to ban text-messaging by drivers too.

Nowadays, teenagers and young adults have adopted text-messaging as a second language. According to one survey commissioned by CTIA, 4 of 10 US teenagers said they could text blindfolded.

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