Let’s Crate – Share Files Easily by Drag and Drop

Let’s Crate is a free file sharing service that is very easy to use. You can simply drag and drop files to a crate and share the url with someone so that they can retrieve the files. Users can package their files or groups of files into “crates.” The site users a convenient drags and drop system that features a large crate image.

Users simply drag their files into the opening of the crate and lets the site do the uploading for them. The files are stored on the user’s cloud and can be sorted and accessed through the site. Each file is also given a short link that can be used to pass the file on to others. The site claims that the service offers “ridiculously easy file sharing”.

Let’s Crate Features

  • Use the drag and drop system to upload files
  • [advt]Sort your individual files into groups
  • Choose between a free membership or affordable Pro membership
  • Share files using a convenient short link provided by Let’s Crate
  • Access files from any computer with internet access

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