Postcron – Schedule and Update Facebook Account

Postcron is a free web service that connects with your Facebook account like an app and then lets you schedule your updates. You can choose to schedule a status update or a link share. After you have typed in the text, you can select whether to publish the update on your own account or on the wall of one of the pages you are running.

The “Share” button publishes your update right away. The “Schedule” button displays a calendar that lets you select the data and exact time of the updated bring published. The post will go live right there and then. And it is possible to make multiplied postings, too you will be able to turn any post into a recurrent one with no additional effort.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you schedule Facebook updates.
  • [advt]Lets you Facebook shares.
  • Lets you publish updates and shares to your own wall or wall of your Facebook pages.
  • Lets you select date and exact time while scheduling.

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