Wetransfer.com – Large File Transferring Service Over Internet

Wetransfer.com is a file transferring service which allows you to easily transfer large (up to 2GB) files over the internet. In order to use the service, the user enters the file they want to send (up to 2GB per limit, per transfer), their email address, the email address of the user they would like to send the files to, and any comments the user would like to add. To enter the files, the user clicks on “Add files”, and an upload window is opened which allows the user to browse their hard drive for the files they wish to transfer.

The user can add as many files as they wish as long as the 2GB limit is not exceeded. When the user presses the “Done” button, the files are uploaded from the user’s hard drive to the Wetransfer.com site. At this point, a confirmation email is sent to the user, and emails are sent to the recipient(s) containing a download link to the file(s). The recipient simply clicks on the download link, and a download page is opened in their browser where they can choose where to place the files on their hard drive. The recipient then presses the “Ok button” and the files are transferred from the Wetransfer.com site to the recipient’s hard drive. The user can send the files to up to 20 recipients per transfer.


  • The user can transfer up to 2GB in files at one time
  • Files can be sent to up to 20 recipients
  • The service is entirely free
  • [advt]The files are kept on the Wetransfer.com servers for 2 weeks
  • No registration is required to use the service
  • Very easy to use

How does it works?
The service works like a charm and easy;

  • Add the files you want to send
  • Add your friend(s) email address
  • Add your own email address
  • Add some comments (this is optionally)
  • Press Transfer button and you’re done.

At this point a confirmation email will be sent to the user, and email’s are sent to the recipient(s) containing download link to the files. The files will be kept online for 2 weeks. After this, the files will be deleted and can not be downloaded again.
By clicking on the info icon, as shown here right, you’ll be directed to WeTransfer.info where you can read more about WeTransfer.com.

As soon as you open WeTransfer.com, you’ll see that you’re in a HTTPS environment which means that the connection is secured. As for the files; they will be kept on WeTransfer.com servers for 2 weeks, after that they’ll be deleted.

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