Dashwire – Free Mobile-Web Connected Service Platform

Dashwire is a free mobile-web connected services platform for mobile operators, device makers and retailers to seamlessly deliver a new generation of real-time consumer, social and device management software services on open mobile phones.

Dashwire Mobile is a super small application that is installed on your mobile phone to allow you to use the Dashwire service. It sends updates from your phone (text messages, call history, photos, videos, etc.) to Dashwire servers, which are then mirrored on the Web when you log in to your personal Dashwire account. In order for Dashwire to work, you need to have Dashwire Mobile installed on your phone.

Dashwire has built one of the industry’s first Connected Service platforms, called DASHWORKS, to seamlessly integrate the mobile phone, its functionality and content with the web and computer/netbook to power a new generation of consumer, social and device management software services across open phone operating systems.

DASHWORKS provides a framework for synchronization, synthesis and socialization, from which service experiences can be built and delivered to users. It consists of a scalable architecture, web client, and native mobile application that run on open mobile phone operating systems.

[advt]DASHWORKS is extensible, standards-based, and supports real-time instantaneous data exchange between the mobile phone, web, and third party sites including social networks to facilitate service delivery today that can continue to be innovated around.

Offering a single platform for you to create industry-leading value for your customers throughout the device lifecycle—when they need it the most


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