Karnataka RTI Information On Mobile Phone – SMS to 92123 57123

Karnataka Information Commission (KIC) is rolling out tech-based services for quick information at hand as SMS to help petitioners track the status of their cases and pursue them. From the first week of January, this apex body of the Right to Information (RTI) in Karnataka will launch an SMS facility for RTI applicants.

The petitioner or respondent can sms their case number to 92123 57123 to get details of their case. The first three smses sent by the KIC to the petitioner will be free of charge. For the rest of the sms sent and received by the petitioner, the messages will be charged according to STD rates. The website will also be launched in Kannada in January. Those who log on to the website can access the comprehensive search facility to find details of case by petitioner’s name, respondent’s name, case number and address.

To know their case status, petitioners can send a message (for ex: KICTSTAT kic108ptn2010) to 92123 57123. If a petitioner has not given the mobile number, then they can sms the case number (ex: KIC108PTN2010) in the prescribed format to receive sms from KIC.

According to Dr H N Krishna, state information commissioner

“The trial will begin this Friday. The facility will help applicants know the number of their case, when it’ll be posted for hearing and also about its disposal. This information will be sent via SMS to the applicant free of cost. Besides, if an applicant wishes to know the status of his/her case, he/she will have to send an SMS to the KIC server at a cost of 10 paise.” [source: 1, 2]

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