Pyka SMS Service Tells Train Commuters to Get Off‎ – SMS ‘PYKA’ to 9220092200

Pyka journey-aware smart wake up service for train passengers aims to make train journey more enjoyable for people by using their mobile phones to call them when their destination is approaching. It alerts the passengers prior to reaching their destinations.

Get started by sending an SMS to 92200 92200 with text PYKA.

Once signed up to the service, Pyka starts calling a user 20 minutes before the train reaches its destination, and keeps calling until the person wakes up and takes the call. The service is not only for those who need sleep on their daily commute, but also those who are taking the train to an unfamiliar place and need to know when should they should prepare to get off. It’s useful, too, for those who do not wish to stay awake the whole night waiting to receive guests at the station.

Here’s how it works. You send a simple message to 92200 92200 that includes your train number and station code, and this sets up a wake-up alarm for you. Then, 20 minutes before reaching your destination, Pyka calls you. This service has the potential to make the lives of millions of Indians just a tad bit more comfortable.[source]

Sample Message

PYKA 12677 SBC 16-08-2011

This message sets a wake-up phone call for Bangalore City-Ernakulam Intercity Express reaching Bangalore City on 16-08-2011

Message Format

pyka train_number station_code [arrival_date] [mobile] [minutes]

train_number Number of the train in which the passenger travels
station_code Station before which wakeup call is to be made
[arrival_date] (optional) Date of arrival at the destination for future journeys
[mobile] (optional) Mobile number, if different from the sender
[minutes] (optional) Minutes before reaching the station, when alarm needs
to be raised (default: 20 minutes)

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