Virtual Keyboard Extension – Type Without a Keyboard in Google Chrome

Virtual Keyboard Google Chrome extension allows you to type using an onscreen keyboard. A virtual keyboard is an on-screen interface used to transition from one keyboard layout to another. Virtual Keyboard pops up on every page with input fields and lets you type in native script. Virtual Keyboard lets you type in your language using the keyboard layout familiar to you. It pops up on every page with input text boxes and text areas.

Install Virtual Keyboard Chrome Extension

To enable or disable keyboard on all tabs, either click on the page action icon in the Omnibox or press Ctrl+Space.

Configure multiple layouts through options page. To get to the options page either right click on page action icon and select Options, or click on ✓ icon on the keyboard.

Switch between layouts using ◂▸ icon or Ctrl+Q.

It supports 80+ different keyboard layouts.  It support many indian languages including Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Oria and Tamil.

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