Send Group SMS and Voice Messaging – Tatango

Tatango is a U.S. mobile group communication service that allows users to send messages to a group of people through SMS and voice messaging. Messages come with an attached advertisement at the end, which allows the service to be free, but adverts can be removed by paying for the service. Tatango makes simple, easy to create and manage your own text messaging campaigns.

Tatango allows a group leader to set up a[advt] free account through the website, then allows the leader to invite contacts to join their group. Once members are in a group, the group leader can message the entire group through Tatango by sending one message from their computer or mobile phone.

Advertisements attached to the bottom of messages allow the service to be free to any member and group leader. Tatango started a service where for a fee a user can send ad-free messages as well as have access to additional features.


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