Dekoh Desktop Application – Organize Media and Share Online

Dekoh is a free desktop platform for applications that deliver an integrated web and desktop experience. Dekoh allows users to organize all media in one place, on a desktop and share it with their contacts. There are no uploading and storage limitations. Along with the free Dekoh Desktop, users also get access to a gallery of personal media applications and Dekoh Network services which help users sharing content/applications directly off their PC

How Dekoh Works?

Sign Up

[advt]Submit your email address, and get a Dekoh account and a url. That way, even your friends who aren’t members of the Dekoh network can see, hear, or use whatever you share.

Download and Install

Once you’ll sign up, you will be directed to download and install the Dekoh software platform, called Dekoh Desktop. It’s fast and easy.

Install the Application

From your Dekoh desktop, install the applications you want to use. You can create and share applications of your own.

Get Organized

Use the applications to organize your media, set dates on your Google calendar, or blog to the friends of your choice, all from your desktop.


Within each Dekoh application, you can share media with the friends of your choice. Simply click, share, select the media to be shared, and enter the email addresses of your friends. Each friend sees only what you share with them.

Expand and Improve

As new applications for Dekoh are developed and improved, you can install and use them. And if you’re a developer, you can lead the way.


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