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Jaxtr links phone to the web, so you can hear from callers worldwide while keeping your existing phone number private. You can use Jaxtr to receive calls and voice messages from people worldwide while keeping your phone number private.

You don’t need a headset or broadband to use Jaxtr. No download required. It works with te phone you already use, including ordinary landline phones and mobile.

You can call other Jaxtr users for free. You can invite your friends whom you would like to call for free to Jaxtr. You can also import contacts from your Outlook or your webmail like Yahoo, Hotmail and GMail.

You need enough talk time credits called “jax” to get calls on Jaxtr. Depending on which phone you send your calls to, you use up different jax per minute.

Jaxtr gives 100 jax per month. If you don’t have jax remaining in your account, calls to you will go into the voicemail. You can listen to the voice messages at jaxtr.com. You can earn 20 jax for each new Jaxtr user you sign up.

The PrivacyShield feature allows you to send all calls from unknown callers to voicemail. You can add up to 3 phones to the list and select where you would like to receive the calls.

Jaxtr connects your phone to the Jaxtr user using a local number. For India, it seems a Mumbai number (022+) is used for land phones and a cell number is given for cell phone users. To call the same person next time, the local number can be used. This way Jaxtr help you make international calls for the local charges at your location.

You can call me using the Jaxtr Widget below or the Jaxtr Link Jaxtr Sree.

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