International Voice SMS Service from BPL Mobile

BPL MobileBPL Mobile in partnership with Kirusa announced world’s first commercial launch of international Voice SMS value added service to more than 1.2 million BPL Mobile subscribers across Mumbai. This service allows BPL Mobile subscribers to send Voice SMS messages to Mobile users across the globe whenever convenient, without having to worry about time zone differences or the high cost of international voice calling. The recipient is able to retrieve the Voice SMS with a local call, and reply to it easily.

With this launch, sending Voice SMS messages internationally will become as simple and timely as delivering a Voice SMS message within India. The BPL Mobile subscriber need to dial *00 and the international number; record a voice message; and then hangs-up to send the message. The recipient gets an SMS from the BPL Mobile subscriber, with an embedded Direct Listen Link, which is a local number in the country of the recipient. The recipient just need to click on the Direct Listen link to directly listen to the message.


BPL also announced an offer for sending unlimited Voice SMS messages to anyone in India for a flat fee of INR 50 per month.

How-To Tips

How to send a Voice SMS?
* Dial * followed by the Recipient’s phone number, *Mobile Number
* Record a message for the recipient for a maximum of 30 seconds
* Hang-up or Press 1 to send the message
* Press 2 to listen to the recorded message
* Press 3 to re-record the message
* Press * to cancel sending the message
* Press any other key to hear the options

How to retrieve new Voice SMS?
* Dial *0* to listen to all new Voice SMS
* You can listen to new messages in reverse chronological order (latest first)
* Press 1 to reply to the message
* Press 2 to repeat the message
* Press 3 to delete the message
* Press 4 to forward the message
* Press 5 to save the message
* Press # to skip listening the message

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