Jaamun.in – Email, Twitter, Orkut & Facebook Messages as SMS

Jaamun is a mobile email and social networking service that allows you to receive & send email from any mobile without GPRS. The service works across India and on all mobile networks. Jamun work on Any Mobile. Jaamun runs on SMS, which is available on all mobiles. GPRS is not at all needed.

Jaamun converts all your emails / social networking (twitter, orkut, facebook) messages into SMS and pushes it to your mobile in real time. Conversely, Jaamun also converts SMS into emails allowing you to send emails as well. Jamun supports all kinds of IMAP/POP3 email accounts.

Jaamun is a plain no-nonsense email / social networking service. You get emails and social networking messages compressed to 480 characters and a range of tools to make your mobile email experience smooth & useful.

Jamun is made for those simple mobile phones which does not have GPRS capability to access email using SMS. Jaamun allows users to send and receive emails on ordinary phones without mobile internet services. Jaamun is a venture by IIT Delhi alumni.

Any IMAP/POP supporting email server can be configured via Jaamun. And you can sign up online or by sending an SMS with the email ID and password to 9773467755. Once you map the mail ID and Twitter handle to the mobile number, you are ready to receive, reply, forward and compose mails on your basic phone. For Facebook and Orkut, the integration is a little different — you will first have to sign up for Gmail updates for both these social networking sites.


As of today, when you sign up online at http://www.jaamun.in, you get a free trial plan of 50 messages for a month, and you can subscribe to the service after the trial period expires. Creating an account at Jamun will allow you to manage your email credentials, payment and renewal date. You can sign-up at Jamun website. You may also register via SMS, send CompleteEmailID EmailPassword to 9773467755. You don’t need to install any software for Jamun. All you need to do is register on the Jamun website.

You are charged per SMS for every email that you send out via SMS or when you use any of the SMS commands, as per your mobile carrier tariff plan.

9773467755 is the Jamun service number. All mails will be sent through this numbers. Also while replying to emails or composing new ones, you would have to send an SMS to this number. Since 9773467755 is a Mumbai number, you may be charged for a local SMS or outstation SMS depending on your location.

In case you wish to change your email password, you would have to update the same by logging into your Jaamun account. Alternatively, you can also send an SMS in the following format P to 9773467755.

Jamun provide 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months & 12 months plan. All the subscription plans allow you unlimited emails every month. You can make payment to Jamun via Netabanking, Credit / Debit Cards, Cash Cards, Cheque payments and Cash Deposits. If you choose to stop the service, your unused subscription amount will not be returned.

Jamun Network Architecture

Push email is a term used for email systems which have “always-on” capability. It means that when ever an email server receives an email, it pushes the notification of the email to user client. These email clients include smart phones like IPhone or Blackberry or IMAP mail applications like gmail. Alternative is polling email services where user has to poll the email server again and again to check for new emails. Example of that would be POP3 email servers.

SMS acts as a push messaging service. Push email service is provided for all email servers by using SMS for communication. Also, note that jaamun works as a push email even in case of POP3 email servers which is not possible on GPRS enabled phones.

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