Radbox – App for Saving Online Videos and Watching them Later

Radbox is an app for saving videos and watching them later. It is not a social video discovery app. It offers a bookmarklet that saves web videos to Radbox with a single click. These videos can then be seen in Radbox in a nice, clean interface. Apart from bookmarklet, users can add videos by email, and a custom “Send to Radbox” button in Google Reader. The bookmarklet works in all browsers, as well as iPhone, iPad and Android.

Radbox also offers a widget and API for sites and applications to easily provide the “watch later” functionality for web videos. It is very personal, and comes into picture after you’ve discovered something interesting already. However, it does offer auto magical imports from Facebook and Twitter as a tool for convenience, to make sure you’re never without some videos to watch. It offers various tools and integrations to interact with the service, some of which are based on its API.


  • Queue with one-click: Add videos quickly using a bookmarklet orautomagically import from social networks (Twitter or Facebook).
  • Add from anywhere: Send videos to Radbox by emailing links, via Google Reader’s “Send To” button or third-party apps that use our API. See the complete list.
  • [advt]Works everywhere: Supports more than 25 popular video services (Youtube, Metacafe, CollegeHumor, TED etc) on the iPad, more than 75 on browsers with Flash.
  • Lazy mode: Snack-friendly viewing with full screen, auto-play awesomeness. Any resemblance to TV is totally intended.
  • Share with friends: The quick-url turns any browser into your personal video stream. It is like broadcasting your own channel to the world

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