Download Onavo for iPhone – Connects to Cloud-Based Technology

Onavo is to help smartphone users regain control of their data usage, delivering transparency, management and control. Onavo’s first app connects your iPhone to the cloud-based technology, dubbed the magical shrinking machine. It’s totally seamless once you install it you can go back to using your phone as before. In the background, your data usage from all apps is compressed so that you get more bang for your buck.

Download Onavo for iphone

Onavo lets you double or even triple your data plan – both abroad and at home. Get more bang for your buck, and peace of mind to use your phone even under the tightest plan.

[advt]Onavo’s magical shrinking machine saves you money on your mobile data bill. Feel at ease to read emails, get Facebook and Twitter updates, browse the web and more


Abroad or at home, Onavo gives you the information you need to understand, plan and manage your data bill. Get detailed monthly reports that finally enable you to make sense of your data usage.






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