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Update August 2008: does not exist now! Check our other articles in Free SMS topic.

In October 2006, we discussed gofreeSMS to send free SMS world wide. Now gofreeSMS is mobiK sends SMS from either an Internet Browser or a mobile phone to most world destinations. It’s free and ad-supported. Each message is appended with an ‘ad tag’ from the sponsors.

mobiK Coverage List provides a summary of all the mobile carriers covered by the mobiK. To insure coverage, please check that there is an ad sponsor in your region. These countries appear in blue highlight in the list. mobiK will only deliver a TXT message into a recipient region if there is an active sponsor. This changes frequently, so be sure to check the current status of our regional advertising coverage.

Both the sender and the receiver needs to be registered in the mobiK network for this free service. If you get anyone else to join, then those TXT’s are free as well. Whenever you invite new members or get involved with the promotions, mobiK gives you some ‘K’ which you can exchange for shopping at mobiK.


More Help below, quoting from the site.

When I go to the website, parts of the page are missing. What’s wrong?

The website has been developed in Flash 8. Typically, a popup blocker is stopping the automatic upgrade of your Flash player. To correctly view our website, you need to have the Macromedia Flash 9 player installed. If you are uncertain, go to and follow the steps.

I am not certain whether I have Flash 9 installed. How do I check?

Just point your browser to The onscreen animation will inform you whether you have the Flash 9 player installed.

When I send an SMS message I get the response “Blocked. No ad sponsor”. What does this mean?

mobiK will only deliver to the regions supported by our advertising sponsors. If there is not a sponsor in the region where you are sending your SMS, the message cannot be delivered. A summary of the regions we cover with advertising sponsorship can be found on our coverage page.

When I send a TXT message, my friend doesn’t receive it. What’s wrong?

If you are sending into a region where we have mobile coverage support and mobiK is reporting ‘Delivered’, it is likely that your friend has a ‘ported’ number. A ported number is a number that has been transferred between operators. These numbers are typically not supported by the international carrier networks which depend on number prefixes that align with specific mobile operators.

When I reply to a mobiK message from a friend, it is not received. What’s wrong?

A.mobiK uses a common shortcode to identify TXT messages that have been sent to a user. These messages terminate on the handset. To reply to your friend you will need to be using mobiK on your mobile handset and reply using their mobiK username or mobile number.

I don’t understand International Number formats, can you explain?

mobiK works internationally, so you need to insert the correct code for the recipient’s country of origin. This is typically a one, two or three digit prefix in front of the mobile number. If you are uncertain of the correct number prefixes, check our coverage page. For more information on this subject, view our number format guide.

Sending a TXT message from your PC
It’s very easy. LOgin with your USERNAME and PASSWORD, just enter the mobile phone number in the TO field, type your message and click the SEND button.
And to be sure that it has gone, check the DELIVERY status in the lower panel.

If you are experiencing difficulty, either sending or receiving a TXT message, just be sure of the following points:

(a) that you are using the full international prefix of the number that you are sending to. mobiK works internationally, so you have to tag each number with the regional destination. As an example, if you are sending to a friend in Australia, you will need to prefix the number with a 61 and drop the leading zero, ie. 61411148500. If you are still confused, your can read more about international number prefixes on this page.

(b) mobiK is an ad sponsored network. In other words, there needs to be an ad sponsor in your region to be able to receive a mobiK. No sponsor, no traffic! To get mobiK to work in your region, help us get a local sponsor!

I’m experiencing ‘session expired’ messages in mobiK. What’s wrong?
Typically this occurs whenever mobiK encounters a firewall, a proxy account or port blocking that prevents mobiK from communicating directly with our servers. The workaround is to release access for mobiK through your firewall or to redirect your browser traffic to Port 8080. You should also check whether your broadband provider recommends the use of a specific proxy address to be added to your Internet browser settings.

Where can I download the mobiK User Guide?
When you registered you should have received an automatic e-mail that contained a record of your login details and a link to the mobiK Quick Start Guide. If you missed this e-mail, you can view it from the website.

As per the coverage list, mobiK supports the following mobile providers in India. ADIL – Haryana, ADIL – Rajasthan, ADIL – UP(E), Aircel – Tamil Nadu, Airtel – Karnataka (Bharti), Airtel – Orissa, Airtel Bharti Cellular – Kerala, Barakhamba – AP, Barakhamba – Chennai, Barakhamba – Karnataka, Bharti – AP (Airtel), Bharti – Punjab, Bharti Cellular – Delhi, Bharti Cellular – Gujarat, Bharti Cellular – Haryana, Bharti Cellular – Maharashtra, Bharti Cellular – MP, Bharti Cellular – Mumbai, Bharti Cellular – Tamilnadu, Bharti Cellular – UP(W), Bharti Mobinet (Skycell)-Chennai, Bharti Mobitel – Kolkata, Bharti Telenet – HP, BPL Mobile Cellular (Kerala), BPL Mobile Cellular (Maharashtra), BPL Mobile Comm (Mumbai), BSNL – Andhra Pradesh, BSNL – Assam, BSNL – Bihar, BSNL – Chennai, BSNL – Gujarat, BSNL – Haryana, BSNL – Himachal Pradesh, BSNL – J&K, BSNL – Karnataka, BSNL – Kerala, BSNL – Kolkata, BSNL – Maharashtra, BSNL – Mathya Pradesh, BSNL – NE, BSNL – Orissa, BSNL – Punjab, BSNL – Rajastan, BSNL – Tamilandu, BSNL – UP(E), BSNL – UP(W), BSNL – West Bengal, BTA Cellcom – MP, C-DOT – Delhi, C-DOT – Kolkata, Escorts Telecom – HP, Escorts Telecom – Rajasthan, Escorts Telecom – UP(E), Fascel – Gujarat (Hutchenson), Fascel Limited, Hexacom (Oasis)-NE, Hexacom (Oasis)-Rajasthan, Hutchinson East (Usha Martin-Kolkata), Hutchinson – Karnataka, Hutchison Essar (Sterling-Delhi), Hutchison Essar Telecom, Hutchison Max (Orange)-Mumbai, Hutchison Max Telecom (Orange), Idea Cellular, IDEA Cellular (Gujurat), IDEA Cellular (Maharastra), IDEA Cellular (New Delhi), IDEA Mobile Comm – Haryana, IDEA Mobile Comm – Kerala, IDEA Mobile Comm – Upwest, Koshika – Bihar, Koshika – Orissa, Koshika – UP(E), Koshika – UP(W), MTNL – Delhi, MTNL – Mumbai, Reliance Internet Serv – Kolkata (CDMA), Reliance Telecom – Assam (CDMA), Reliance Telecom – Bihar (CDMA), Reliance Telecom – HP (CDMA), Reliance Telecom – Maharastra (CDMA), Reliance Telecom – MP (CDMA), Reliance Telecom – NE (CDMA), Reliance Telecom – Orissa (CDMA), Reliance Telecom – Punjab (CDMA), Reliance Telecom – WB (CDMA), RPG Cellular – Chennai, Spice Commns – Karnataka, Spice Commns – Punjab, Tata Cellular – AP

Mobik gives you K dollars, a points system which lets you earn points by inviting others and participating in surveys. You can redeem these points from Mobik store and get yourself a ipod Video, Nokia mobile phones etc.. – that’s what mobiK says! Let me see, I also have added the invitation code in the mobiK links in this post.

Have you tried mobiK yet? Does mobiK work for you? Post your experience as comments below.

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