InSight Desktop Search – Free File Search Engine for Your PC

InSight Desktop Search is free file search engine that helps you find files for free on your computer. It has a beautiful, intuitive and robust interface that should please everyone. It finds the file you’re looking for before you end typing. The list of amazing features this file search engine has could go on and on so download it and find out how incredible this software truly is.

InSight Desktop Search is certainly the best replacement for Windows’ default search system, beating its competitors like Hulbee Desktop. As a matter of fact after downloading this great software one can simply toggle off Windows search.

How to Use InSight Desktop Search?

The first thing you need to do after downloading and installing InSight Desktop Searchree file search engine is choose what parts of your hard drive you want to index. To do so just click on the icon on the upper right side of the window and choose which partitions you want to index. Indexing your files might take a few minutes depending on the amount of files you have.

After the indexing process is concluded you can already use InSight Desktop Search. In order to use the tool, just hover your mouse over the clock which should show up after you install the program.

Download InSight Desktop Search


  • Quickly find millions of files in your computer.
  • Built in jukebox.
  • Robust yet simple interface.
  • Easily Search For Files/Folders across HDD.
  • Support for shared Network Places.
  • Support for Metadata.
  • [advt]Dedicated Music Search and Playback.
  • Search Outlook Emails and Contacts.
  • Search for articles on Wikipedia.
  • Quick Launch Shortcuts.
  • Small Index size and Live updations.
  • InSight Preview.

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