AppDok – Apps to IE, Firefox and Chrome with Instant Notifications

AppDok is an apps platform, which helps users to get apps that works on every major browser – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome & Internet Explorer. Your AppDok is always available to you on all websites you visit – at the top left corner of the screen.

Download AppDok


  • Always available on any website you visit.
  • Unintrusive – Hides into left side of screen when not being used.
  • Snooze it anytime you want to switch it off.
  • Quick access to all of your Apps

Instant Notifications:

  • Quick instantantaneous alerts.
  • Shows you just enough information for you to take an action.
  • Groups multiple notifications from same Apps.

Apps for AppDok:

  • FB Photo Zoom
  • Youtube Downloader
  • Google Themer
  • Muti Search
  • Dictionary
  • Better Google
  • Brieffiti
  • Youtube Search
  • FB Notifier
  • FB Share

Add Apps for AppDok:

To add a new app, follow these steps:

  • Open your AppDok & click on the Add More Apps icon.
  • Select Add more Apps from the next dialog.
  • Search for Engadget
  • Click Add App to add Engadget’s live notifications.
  • You will instantly start receiving updates from Engadget Mobile

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