Infosys has 1,09,882 Employees in Total (Q3 FY 2010)

As on December 31, 2009, Infosys and its subsidiaries have a total of 1,09,882 employees on board.

During the third quarter of FY 2010, Infosys Technologies and its subsidiaries added 8,719 employees. The net addition during the quarter was 4,429, after taking into account attrition and other factors.

Infosys said it has adequate employee strength to meet the market demand. “Our strategy of investing in enhanced training during the downturn has enabled us to grow rapidly as the recovery begins,” Infosys Member of the Board and Head – HRD and Education & Research T V Mohandas Pai said.


  1. I joined infosys on jul 2011… Trainin was very good…mysore campus was also awesome…but after training life is miserable…. They make me work in word and excel files day and night… I feel like suicidin…if i dont hav bond i would hav left the company by now…. The managers are cruel… Specially mangalore and bangalore infosys development center sucks…mangalore is the most horrible dc….

  2. No wonder they will grab all the genius of our country and start brain washing them (they call it training) ., finally pay them a 5 digit salary. They are not training people, they are training them to make machines and work for them over day and night. Seriously Infosys sucks

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