Wipro’s Business Model Superior to Infy – Asim Premji

Wipro Chairman Asim Premji yesterday said Wipro has a superior global delivery model (GDM) than Infosys. (Read the full story at CIOL)

Asim Premji said Wipro’s cross matrix structure and business model integrates its vertical and horizontal business segments than Infosys’s GDM. He added that Infosys is struggling with its GDM due to increasing verticalization of its businesses.

Premji added that he is yet to fully understand the Infosys’s global delivery model.

I am just wondering why would a respected businessman like Asim Premji comment on something whch he hasn’t even fully understood yet! And why would it be so difficult for Asim Premji to understand the global delivery model though it has been existing for years? Is GDM that complex? I don’t know 🙂

I just googled for Global Devlivery Model ( see the result). The first search result is from Wipro’s website! hmm…

Infosys’s chief financial officer T.V. Mohandas Pai responded to Premji’s comment. “It is not our policy to comment on other companies. However, if you look at our fact record, Infosys has had the best growth rate among technology majors from India over the last five years.”

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