How to Invite Mobile Phone Users to Google SMS Channel?

How to invite users using email or IM to SMS Channel?

Google SMS ChannelAll public channels (channels that anyone can subscribe to) have a subscription URL link that users can use to subscribe to that channel. Paste this URL in an email or on a blog and any user who clicks on this link will be taken to the channel. This link is available to owners and subscribers of a Public channel and they can pass this on to other users.

For Invitation-only channels, owners can generate an invitation URL and send it to users they wish to invite to the channel. When the invitation URL is no longer needed you can expire the URL. Once an invitation URL expires, it cannot be used for subscribing to the private channel. If the old URL has been expired, the owner of the channel can choose to generate a new invitation URL whenever they need to invite others.

To accept invitations Online: login to your account and click on the ‘My Channels’ tab. You can then click on the ‘Accept invitation’ button below the channel description to subscribe to a channel that you’ve been invited to.

Users other than the channel owner can also invite others by invitation link. For public channels, anyone can invite friends by sharing the channel name or emailing the subscription link. For private channels, only users subscribed to the channel can invite others provided the channel owner has set the ‘Allow publishing by:’ field to ‘Any subscriber’.

To send a message through the website simply click on the channel name and type in the text box below ‘New SMS Message’. To send a message to a channel through your phone, reply ‘send ‘ to 9870807070.

To invite someone, you need to know his/her phone number. To invite from the website, click the ‘invite others’ link for the channel and enter the phone number (or a list of up to 5 phone numbers separated by commas) of the people you wish to invite to join the channel. To invite through your phone, simply send an SMS with the format ‘invite < channel name > < phone number>’ to 9870807070. Google will send an SMS to the number specified by you and the receiver needs to respond with ‘ON {channel name}’ message to complete the subscription. [source: google help]

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