Free SMS Skebby – Send Free SMS over Internet

Free SMS Skebby is the mobile application to send free SMS over the Internet from Android to any other mobile phone (iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry,etc). It works on all the mobile phones without switching operator. Requires a volume based Internet Mobile rate you can activate for free.[androidqrcode:  com.skebby]

Download Free SMS Skebby for Android


  • Unlimited Free SMS with other Skebby users forever.
  • give Free SMS to your friends as a gift and top-up for free.
  • Send SMS from 5 cents to everyone forever.
  • Never lose numbers and send SMS from PC: backup your contacts online.
  • Update your Facebook and Twitter status with only one simple Free SMS.
  • Sign automatically your SMS, write long txt messages up to 1600 characters with one single message

How to get Skebby on mobile phone:

  • Check if your phone can browse the Internet or set up the connection.
  • Download and install Skebby on your phone.
  • Invite your friends using Skebby via email or Free SMS and also from the application on your mobile.
  • Using Classic and Basic SMS you can send SMS from 5 cent to everyone, everywhere in the world also when roaming abroad.

Advantages of using Skebby on mobile phone:

  • Everyone can write sms to your mobile phone number: Skebby works with your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates perfectly with your existing phone book. You can send and receive all your SMS, including SMS from your SIM.
  • No need to add contacts: Your contacts who already have Skebby will be automatically displayed under Skebby favorites, similar to a buddy list which you can always modify any way you like.
  • Sms notifications even if you are offline: if you do not like to receive push notifications or you are offline or you turn off your mobile phone you can choose to be notified with a buzz. The system will retry to notify you until you become available again and you receive all messages.
  • All free sms and mms that you can send: Send a million messages a day to your friends for free.
  • Sms to everybody,everywhere in the world: Skebby is the only app in the world that let you send SMS to every mobile phone, everywhere, without limits. The recipients do not need to have Skebby installed on their mobile phones. The sender ID is your phone number just like an SMS.


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