India – Truth Alone Triumphs

My colleague Surjit forwarded this email attachment. It seems, someone spent good amount of time to prepare this one. I feel, I should acknowledge his work by at least sharing this with you.

The powerpoint show is about India’s achievements in automobile, software, trade, India’s self reliance, etc.. It is 37 pages, worth reading.

INDIA – Truth Alone Triumphs – Powerpoint Show

Update 24-Jul-07: I am glad that Suresh Kumar (suresh DOT kumar AT gmail DOT com) emailed me that it is in fact him who made the presentation. He sent me the latest in PDF (4.23 MB). Do convey your appreciation directly to Suresh.


  1. Excellent post.
    However, I have also compiled a similar ppt taking standard references and want to share that. How to do that Sir?

  2. you are brave to present to the world that people like Newton did not discover gravity but an indian called Madhavacharya did . The world is dominated by the westerners and thus the acievements by Non westerners have been covered.

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