India at the #3 Spot in terms of Total Opera Mini Users

Opera LogoThe State of the Mobile Web report takes a closer look at the booming mobile web traffic in India and how the Indian people choose to participate on the Web. According to the report, Indians actively using the social possibilities of the Web, Facebook being one of the climbers, and using online video.

India also stands out as a country where a large proportion of the mobile web traffic is related to shopping and online classified, according to data from AdMarvel. AdMarvel, an Opera Software subsidiary, analyzes web traffic and distributes targeted ads on the Web.

The reports sees India standing tall as a country in rapid development, with Internet-based knowledge at the forefront of that growth. The mobile Web in India has evolved as an important place to do business, as the proportion of people going shopping on the mobile shows.

Fast facts about the mobile Web in India:

  1. Between May 2010 and May 2011, India stayed at the #3 spot in terms of total Opera Mini users.
  2. Users are becoming more active: Within the past year, the number of page views per user went up from 390 to 430.
  3. Vuclip (mobile-optimized video) and Mobile2Day (a mobile portal) are new to the top 10, compared to the same time last year, indicating that sites intended primarily for mobile access are gaining in importance.

Fast facts about the growth world wide for the mobile web:

  • In all, 113.5 million people used the Opera Mini browser in May worldwide.
  • 63.3 billion pages were served on a global basis.
  • While Orkut is declining in India, and Facebook taking over, it remains strong in Brazil.

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