Wonderopolis – Program that Brings Education and Learning Together

Wonderopolis is a program brought to life by the National Center for Family Literacy, engages and inspires families in the pursuit of education and learning together. It helps families create a new force transforming the parent/child relationship into an engine for progress and upward mobility.

Wonderopolis is provided by the Verizon Foundation; Verizon Thinkfinity provides thousands of free educational resources to teachers, parents and students to use in and out of the classroom. In addition to providing standards-based resources from the nation’s leading educational organizations, Thinkfinity also offers a comprehensive professional-development program that allows teachers to sign up for free online or face-to-face training to learn how to make the most of Thinkfinity tools.

It also includes the Thinkfinity Community, an online forum for teachers, administrators and parents to ask questions, share ideas and discuss education topics of today.

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