How to Switch to Tata Indicom with Same Mobile Number (MNP, UPC)

Tata Indocome is ready with Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

Mobile Number Portability allows you to keep your existing telephone numbers when you switch operators. With MNP, now you are free to switch to Tata Indicom, without worrying about having to change your number!

  • To enjoy the benefits of the TATA Indicom network, simply send anSMS: Port SPACE <Mobile Number> through the number to be Ported out to the toll free number 1900.
  • A Unique Porting Code would be generated through which the porting process would be initiated
  • On generation of the UPC*, you will have to fill in the CAF and submit the mandatory documents as prescribed by DOT at the nearest TATA outlet.

Know More About MNP

Here’s why you should switch to Tata Indicom:

Network Advantage

  • We have been rated the ‘Least Congested’ network, five quarters in a row by TRAI.
  • We serve over 70 million customers across 450,000 towns and cities.
  • Our service includes a wide range: Mobile Services, Wireless Desktop Phones, Public Booth Telephony and Wireline Services.

Customer Charter

We don’t make promises we can’t keep and our customer charter proves, we mean what we say.

  • Call Drops: If you experience more than 1.5% call drops in a month, we will refund you 2.5% of your bill
  • Billing Disputes: If your billing complaint is not addressed within 3 days, we compensate you Rs. 25 per extra day.
  • Call Back: If your call isn’t answered within 90 seconds, you can request a call back, which will happen within 2 hours.
  • Handset Repairs: If your handset breaks down, we repair it for you, and provide you with a loaner handset for the time your handset is being repaired
  • Value Added Services: If you want to opt for a VAS, we give you a 7-days free trial

For further assistance please call us at Tata Indicom toll free number 18002663366

About Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

The following are the steps to port your Mobile Number with Tata Indicom :

  1. Step 1. To generate a UPC please send SMS Port SPACE <Mobile Number>  to 1900
  2. Step 2. You should get an SMS from your current service provider containing your 8 digit UPC code
  3. Step 3. It would be validated against the parameters governing the MNP process as given by TRAI / DOT. Subject to approval, the request would be further processed
  4. Step 4. Once the requested is approved by your current service provider you will be informed about the date and time on which your number porting process would be initiated
  5. Step 5. The time of porting would be a maximum of 36 hours from the time your request has been approved
  6. Step 6. Within 2 hours of the scheduled time you will be able to enjoy our services
  7. Step 7. The overall time taken for the complete process is a maximum of 7 days

We will keep you informed at each stage of transition so as to facilitate you with a seamless transition.

Now as you have decided to take the next big step some things to remember

  1. All outstanding dues with your service provider to be cleared at the time of application
  2. Inter service area porting is not available
  3. You should be on your service provider’s network for a minimum period of 90 days
  4. You have no pending request for change of ownership with your service provider

*UPC is valid for 15 days except JK & NESA. In J&K and NESA, the validity of UPC is up to 30 days.

For further assistance please call us at our toll free number 18002663366

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