Service Provider Codes for Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been entrusted with discharge of certain functions

  • to regulate the telecommunication services
  • to protect the interests of consumers of the telecom sector
  • ensure technical compatibility and effective inter-connection between different service providers
  • lay-down the standards of quality of service to be provided by the service providers
  • ensure the quality of service
  • conduct the periodical survey of such service provided by the service providers so as to protect the interest of the consumers of telecommunications service

Recently TRAI has made the Telecommunication Mobile Number Portability Regulations.

A meeting was held with the representatives of Cellular Operators Association of India and Association of Unified Access Service Provider of India (AUSPI) wherein the format for the Unique Porting Code and the text for Short Message Service (SMS) for implementation of Mobile Number Portabilility was decided

Cellular Mobile Telephone Service Providers and Unified Access Service Providers to set up, in its mobile network, a mechanism for the purpose of receiving Short Message Service messages from its subscribers requesting for a unique porting code which shall provide a Unique Porting Code consisting of 8 characters of which the first two shall be alphabets that denote the service provider code and service area code which have been specified by the Authority and the remaining 6 characters shall contain 1 to 9, A-N & P-Z only, and small letters and the alphabet ‘O’ shall not be allowed.

The Unique Porting Code allocated to a subscriber shall be valid for a period of fifteen days from the date of request or such time till the number is ported out, whichever is earlier, for all service areas except Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and North East licensed areas where the validity for the Unique Porting Code allocated to a subscriber shall be valid for a period of thirty days from the date of request or till such time the number is ported out, which ever is earlier.

The Short Message Service (SMS) text for requesting Unique Porting Code by a subscriber shall be the word ‘PORT’ followed by a space followed by the ten digit mobile number which is to be ported which shall be case insensitive.

In case the subscriber’s Caller Line Identification does not match with the ten digit mobile number, Unique Porting Code shall not be allotted but a message shall be generated to inform such subscriber that the Caller Line Identification does not match with the mobile number.


S.No. Service Provider Code
1 Aircel Ltd Aircel Cellular Ltd Dishnet Wireless Ltd D
2 Bharti Airtel Ltd Bharti Hexacom Ltd A
3 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd B
4 Loop Telecom Ltd L
5 Datacom Solutions Ltd C
6 HFCL Infotel Ltd H
7 Idea Cellular Ltd Aditya Birla Telecom Ltd I
8 Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd M
9 Reliance Communications Ltd R
10 Reliance Telecom Ltd E
11 S. Tel Ltd S
12 Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd Y
13 Spice Communications Ltd P
14 Etisalat DB Telecom Pvt. Ltd. (Swan) W
15 Tata Teleservices Ltd Tata Teleservices (Mah) Ltd T
16 Unitech Group of Companies U
17 Vodafone Group of Companies V


SLNO Service Area Code
1 Andhra Pradesh A
2 Assam S
3 Bihar B
4 Delhi D
5 Gujarat G
6 Haryana H
7 Himachal Pradesh I
8 Jammu & Kashmir J
9 Karnataka X
10 Kerala L
11 Kolkata K
12 Madhya Pradesh Y
13 Maharashtra Z
14 Mumbai M
15 North East N
16 Orissa O
17 Punjab P
18 Rajasthan R
19 TamilNadu including Chennai T
20 UP-East E
21 UP-West W
22 West Bengal V

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