What is Unique Porting Code? UPC Eligibility & Procedures

What is UPC – Unique Porting Code?

Porting means the process of moving, by a subscriber, of his mobile number from one Access Provider to another Access Provider or from one mobile technology to another of the same or any other Access Provider within LSA.

Thanks to TRAI (Telecom Regualtory Authority of India) for implementing Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in India. With MNP, you can change your existing mobile phone connection to a new mobile service, by obtaining UPC from the existing service provider.

Eligibility for porting:

  • There are no outstanding payments due from the subscriber by way of pending bill or bills, as the case may be, issued as per the normal billing cycle bu before the date of application for porting
  • The porting request has been made after the expiry of a period of ninety days from the date of activation of a new connection or from last porting
  • No request for change of ownership of the mobile number is under process
  • The mobile number sought to be ported is not sub-judice
  • Porting of the mobile number has been not prohibited by any Court of Law
  • Subscriber has applied for porting within LSA ( Licencesd Service Area )
  • The unique porting code mentioned in the porting request matches with the unique porting code allocated by the Donor Operator for the mobile number sought to be ported
  • The subscriber has not complied with exit clause for the present connection

Procedure for allocation of UPC

Send SMS PORT Mobile No. to 1900 to get 8 digit number called UPC. „PORT‟ followed by a space followed by the ten digit mobile number which is to be ported which shall be case insensitive. (i.e. it can be port or Port etc.) The subscriber‟s Caller Line. Identification should match with the ten digit mobile number in the SMS request. 8 digit UPC will be sent via SMS to the subscriber by the DONOR operator i.e. the present operator.

The Unique Porting Code allocated to a subscriber shall be valid for a period of fifteen days from the date of request or such time till the number is ported out, whichever is earlier, for all service areas except Jammu & Kashmir, Assam and North East licensed areas where the validity for the Unique Porting Code allocated to a subscriber shall be valid for a period of thirty days from the date of request or till such time the number is ported out, which ever is earlier, irrespective of. number of requests the subscriber makes;

Withdrawal of porting request

A subscriber may, within twenty four hours of making a request for porting, withdraw such request by informing the Recipient Operator in writing, provided that a subscriber withdrawing his porting request shall not be entitled to any refund of the porting charge paid by him to the Recipient Operator.

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