How to do Video Chat in Orkut?

If you have a webcam and a microphone connected to your computer, take a few moments to install a small plugin, and you’ll be ready to video chat on orkut.

Once you’re signed in to orkut, you can tell which of your friends are also ready to video chat by the small green camera icons green camera icon next to their names in your Online friends chat list. To start a video chat, just follow these steps:

  1. Open a chat window by clicking on one of your friend’s name (with the small green camera icon green camera icon) in the chat list.
  2. In the chat window, click the camera icon camera icon to make a video call or the phone icon phone icon to make a voice call.

If you want to get a better view of your friend, you can pop out the chat window to increase its size. The pop-out button can be found on the upper right side of your chat window.

Note that if you don’t have a webcam but you have a microphone connected to your computer, you can still have a voice chat with your friends (or a one-way video chat if they have a webcam). Also note that group chat is not available for video chats. [source]

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