How to Access Linux File System from Windows?

Assume that you have a desktop with Windows and Linux as dual boot environment and you really want to access a few files saved in Linux / Ubuntu file system from the Windows login. For example, you may need to share files such as Docs, PDF, audio, video, etc. from both Linux and Windows. The Ext2 Installable File System for Windows helps you to access Linux drive from Windows.

The Ext2 Installable File System is freeware. It provides read and write access to Linux Ext2 volumes from Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista.

The tool installs IFS Drives panel at the computer’s control panel. You can assign drive letters to the Ext2 volumes through this. This driver enables all applications in Windows to access directly the Ext2 volumes. You can perform all activities like read and write files, list directories, or create, rename, move and deleting files or directories, query and modify the volume’s label.

The file system driver caches file data and the file system’s meta data such as directories and all the on-disk structures of the Ext2 file system. So this tool performs faster.

Linux Ext3 volumes can also be accessed using this tool.

Download the tool now and extend your reach.

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