Network Mapping Tool for Windows – Download NMapWin for Free Software

NMapWin is a Windows2000 front-end for nmap (Nmap is a security scanner. Nmap is a “Network Mapper”, used to discover computers and services on a computer network, thus creating a “map” of the network). This distribution also contains Win32 version of wpcap.dll, packet.dll and Packet.sys (version 2.3). It support Host Discovery,Port Scanning,Version Detection and etc.

[advt]NMapWin includes the Front-End as well as a service start up. In this mode nmap runs as a native Win32 service. The scan interval as well as the start time can be adjusted. The Win32 service actually start nmap as background process. All output will be redirected to a log file.nmap can be started as Windows2000 service, running in given intervals. The input parameters can be given in a configuration file. Output will be written in %NMAPDIR%\log\date_time.log. The scanning interval can be adjusted to be hours/days/weeks. All options are now available in a folder, which is separated into several pages: Scan, Discover, Options, Timing, Files and Service.

Download NMapWin

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