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FreeVimager is a free image viewer and editor. FreeVimager is a portable image viewer and editor that offers high quality image viewing along with several handy image editing features such as red-eye removal, image cropping, color and brightness adjustments, image borders and image resizing. It can as well play avi video files, ordinary audio files and audio CDs. The program also includes a slideshow viewing mode with transition effects that can play all images in the current folder.

Although there are many image editor software turning out to be same, however, what makes FreeVimager different from others is that it is very small and handy tool. It can also run standalone exe files. It makes image editing very simple and quick. The best part is that this easy-to-use photo editor works well with all Windows, starting from Windows 95 to Windows 7.  FreeVimager is a quick photo viewer and editor which is very handy to work on. Go ahead and get this faster image editor right away and view your images quickly.

Download FreeVimager

Features :

  • View and edit picture files of different formats like jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff, png, pcx andemf
  • Save as PDF
  • Full-screen multi-monitor support
  • Jpeg lossless rotate and crop
  • Print Preview with image positioning
  • Enables rotating, cropping, resizing, contrasting, etc.[advt]
  • Red-eye removal
  • Scan multiple pages to tiff and PDF
  • Avi video player with snapshot functionality
  • Audio and CD player
  • Zip extraction

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