Free Online Image Markup – Aviary Falcon Web Based Tool

FalconFalcon is an online app for capturing images and web pages from your browser, and then crop, resize or mark them up.

It’s a perfect tool for bloggers and designers for grab and edit images easily.

Users can capture data to their desktops, clipboards, or even markup and edit the content directly in Aviary’s applications.

With Falcon, you can easily extract color by using the color picker tool, Draw arrows, edit text, make shapes, recolor, give outline and shadows, crop, Rotate, Resize, move and transform images etc.

By this you can host your file, share it to social sharing services and download it to your desktop.

This app resizes perfectly for use in netbooks with small screen resolutions



  • Screen grab the web
  • Simple Editable Markup
  • [advt]Built-in Sharing
  • Image Preparation Features
  • Aviary Application Integration
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Ideal for Netbook Use
  • Quick cropping
  • Snag web colors
  • Blazingly fast
  • Simple visual markup


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