Iconize – Hide Windows Applications to System Tray – Free Download

Iconize is only visible as a small icon in the system tray and allows you to hide any Windows application to the system tray (as an icon) by its right-click menu. If the Windows Explorer shell crashes and takes down the taskbar and system tray with it. In addition, it has functions for you to minimize, maximize, restore, or close all applications at once.


Features and Details:

  • Can Dock Any Windows applications to the System Tray.
  • All Applications are restored to their previous states when “Iconize” exits.
  • If the Internet Explorer shell crashes, Iconize will rebuild your docked icons, and it’s own icon.
  • Simple right click menu allows you to select any running windows application to be docked.
  • Double click your programs System Tray Icon to restore the program.
  • A Simple two mouse clicks will dock any program.
  • Running programs are to dock are shown in the right click menu list, with their icon.
  • Does not use any gobal or system wide hooks, too keep your system running faster and smoother.
  • Double Clicking the System Tray icon will minimize all applications for you.

Download Iconize

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