Have Income Tax Questions? SMS to 9060000009 and Get Answers from TaxSpanner.com

TaxSpanner website that offers easy preparation and filing of individual Income Tax Returns (ITR) announced the launch of a mobile service for making tax easy for everyone. The mobile version of TaxSpanner website will now provide complete tax-related assistance on SMS.

TaxSpanner on SMS Alert: How it Works

Users can now sms their tax queries to 9060000009, the mobile number that will act as the sibling of the single email ID for support ([email protected]).

[advt]TaxSpanner servers will take each of these received messages and allocate them to the members of the customer support team. The replies to these SMSes from the support team will then be retrieved by servers, which will distinctly identify these messages as replies to messages. A customer will receive the message on the number through which s/he had sent the SMS.

With this step, TaxSpanner has now eliminated the need for an internet connection to get most of the tax issues resolved.[source]

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