geeje – Social Networks Feeds

Geeje is an online application that updates the user about the news feeds from friend’s social networking/online pages. In fact it acts like a notice board of events for the user on which the latest updates and news about friends are shared. The user can connect Geeje with their favorite social networks. The application pulls status updates and other information and compiles it all into one convenient place.

The user can see who made a post, what the post said and when it was made. It is capable of retrieving feeds from a number of popular Social Networking sites on the web and keeps the user updated on all the events about the close friends the people he/she follows. You can get feeds from social networking sites with it.  The last time the user logged into Geeje are highlighted so the user can quickly review any new information without wading through status updates, links and posts they already read.

Features of Geeje are:

  • A light and simple interface that makes it easy to use. Geeje is a fast application that provides real-time updates about online friends’continuously.
  • This is a completely free application to use. The user just has to register on the website before beginning to use the application.
  • The user can choose friends to receive post selectively and he/ she can also build a separate profile for them on Geeje. Then he can configure his account to receive their updates apart from all over the web.
  • [advt]The user continuously receives the posts and status updates made by friends online and he/ she can also know when the post was made.
  • Geeje news feed highlights the new, unread posts that were made after the user’s last login. Therefore the user need not go through the entire news feed to find out the latest ones.

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