DOCOMICS – Comic Viewer Application from Tata DOCOMO

DOCOMICS is a comic viewer application from Tata DOCOMO which will bring alive Super Heroes like Spider-Man, X-Men in your mobile phone and keep you entertained with Popular Japanese Manga titles like GEOBREEDERS, TAMAHAGANE, AQUA PLANET CHRONICLE . So now get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Comics.

Browse through the list of available comic titles on the site. Each title is divided into various chapters. Purchase the chapters of your choice. To read the comics you need to download the “Viewer Application” (free of cost) from the site. After downloading the Viewer, close the web browser and launch the Viewer application. Clicking on the Bookshelf icon from the Viewer’s top menu, you will find titles that you’ve already purchased followed by a list of all available titles. You can also purchase chapters from the viewer application.

How to Access?

  • [advt]Step 1: Download the DOCOMICS application from 3G life portal. (Click here to know about this)
  • Step 2: Click on DOCOMICS icon
  • Step 3: Menu of Bookshelf shows up
  • Step 4: Select category/Title
  • Step 5: Select & purchase specific content
  • Step 6: User can read the comics

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