GroupDocs Online Document Sharing Service

GroupDocs is online document sharing service.Upload, Convert, View, Sign and Compare documents with your colleagues or business partners in realtime. Though you may not seem to interact with your group face to face, it still gives a strong essence of teamwork or partnership. It is much suitable for all types of business, big or small. It lets colleagues upload, change, and even evaluate documents as much as they wanted. So all you need to do is to let GroupDocs run the deal for you. This easy to use collaboration platform has been built to allow you to work with your documents how you want and need them. Simply register and start using it.

Features of Groupdocs

  • Full File Browser: Supports all characteristic of file activities – copying, deleting, moving folders and files.
  • Drag & Drop: Permits you to systematize your files in a fast and more convenient way by its drag and drop capacity.
  • Search: Searches file names, and even document contents, to be able to find a document instantly.
  • High Fidelity Viewer: Views a lot of document file types like PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, and XLS, without even installing a software.
  • Search & Copy to Clipboard: Searches for keywords or texts within a document and lets you select the text from the viewed document and copy it to the clipboardwithout difficulty.
  • Quick Page Browser: Lets you move between pages instantly with a preview thumbnail of your document.[advt]
  • e-Signature: Allows you to sign documents electronically by simply adding your signature and encrypting the file contents.
  • Customized Signature Dashboard: Surfs and controls all documents that were being sent for signing.
  • Drag & Drop Signature: Lets you upload your signature specimen on the signing page so you can drag it into position where you are needed to sign.
  • Import PDF / DOC: Uses PDFs or Word documents as outline for document assembly.
  • Visual Questionnaire Builder: Picks fields on the document and enters question details to link questions with fields.


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