Free Download Mac Launchpad for Windows

Mac launchpad for Windows Taskbar, aka superbar, makes it easy to keep frequently used applications at fingertips, you may need a Mac OS X Launchpad alternative to conveniently organize your ever-growing app list.  Launchpad’s fullscreen graphical user interface provides an alternative way to start computer programs in Mac OS X, compared with the Dock, Finder and Spotlight.

You can add applications, files and shortcuts to this Mac launchpad easily by pressing “F” key and dragging the items on to the launchpad screen. This Mac launchpad for Windows is easy to use with straight forward functionality and simple user interface.  You can easily open shortcuts, applications and files in this launchpad with a single click on them and Windows includes few settings options such as General settings, activation settings, synaptics settings, design settings, screen settings etc…

Download Mac for Windows

Features of Mac for Windows

  • Entirely free Mac launchpad for Windows.
  • Easy to use with simple and straight forward user interface.
  • Includes tablet mode.
  • Adjustable hotkey for activation.
  • Enable Hot corners function for activating this Mac launchpad by moving your cursor to specified corner.
  • Adjustable design settings.
  • Switch to next pages of this launchpad by simple click & drag functionality.
  • Create folders within Mac launchpad.
  • Rename items.

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