Google’s Retail Store ‘Android Nation’ Comes to India

After the success of Android in India, Google now steps forward to the real time retail market with its retail chain Android Nation. The company plans to tie hands with BK Modi’s Spice Global to set up outlets in India, starting with New Delhi by the end of 2013.

Android Nation will promote Android smart phones and tablets of makes Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and many others, to name a few. The store will act like Android Experience Center where customers can know more about Android apps, download updates, get expert advice and can test the latest accessories for their gadgets.

50 among 900 of Spice Global’s Hotspots will be converted to Android Nation stores once they set up the first store in Delhi. Chairman of Spice BK Modi told that his company’s partnership with Google is not just restricted to India but it will expand its services to the Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Africa.

India is the second nation where Google sets up Android Nation stores. The first country to get one was Indonesia. Google also supported Spice Global in bringing Chinese smartphone brand CoolPad to India. Spice CoolPad products will also be sold through Android Nation.

As Google’s main competitors Apple and Microsoft both have retail outlets where customers can try before they buy, Google thinks that potential customers need to get hands-on experience with its products before they are willing to purchase.

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