Google Street View Stopped in Bangalore Due to ‘Security Concerns’

Google has stopped collecting images for its Google Street View in Bangalore after objections from cops due to the speculations on security concerns. Bangalore Police had expressed concern about the project and asked Google to seek clearance from India’s ministry of home and external affairs.  Bangalore, being the home to key defense and scientific institutions such as Indian Space Research Organisation and Hindustan Aeronautics, is on the list of terror targets.

Google launched its project to collect high definition images to give Google users 360 degree views of streets only last month in Bangalore. And cameras mounted on cars and tricycles had been taking pictures in streets across Bangalore since last month.

[advt]But Google India’s Product Head Vinay Goel told India’s CNN-IBN news channel that they were “only driving on public roads and taking publicly available imagery.” A Google spokeswoman confirmed that they received a letter from Bangalore’s commissioner of police and they are reviewing it.

Google data collection has caused concern in numerous countries. And the service has stopped in several countries. In the UK, Google has also agreed to delete private emails and passwords mistakenly picked up from wireless networks by its Street View cars.

Last year almost 250,000 Germans told Google to blur pictures of their homes on the Street View service and the Czech government also banned Google from taking any new photos for the service. [source]

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